Monday, August 16, 2010

This is cruel

I was on-line research women’s self-defense, because I was concerned for my wife’s safety when alone. What I found was postings of girls making a game of striking boys testicles for fun. Some are using this grab and pull technique in their sick game. This technique is grabing one or both testicles, grabing, twisting, and pulling, to crush the gland and rip it from its cord. When I was nine a girl kicked me there for no go reason, I did nothing to her. The pain was the worst I have ever experienced, I could not breath, and I thought I was going to die. It was worse than broken bones, or passing kidney stones. My right testicle swelled tremendously, I am very lucky to still have a right testicle. I was the smallest child in my class, stuttered, and had a learning disability, so this made me an easy target. I somehow got past my mother and went to my room and cried my way to sleep. To this day I still have nightmares, and this web search triggered very emotional flash backs of this event. My life has had many events of pain inflicted on me by women, but I have never reacted violently towards them. God blessed me with three beautiful daughters, and the most loving beautiful wife a man could ask for. I cherish her and would gladly give my life for her. My life has been dedicated to relieving pain of others. In my rural anesthesia practice I have helped hundreds of women have pain free child birth, given thousands of surgical anesthetics, and have helped many with chronic pain syndromes find relief. Finkelhor & Wolak (1995) showed that traumatic injury of the testicle of bruising, swelling, and sustained pain caused depression, post-traumatic stress response, and a dose response relationship with degree of injury to long term psychological impact. Crushing testicles is an ancient torture that is outlawed by the laws of war. This causes a profound psychological impairment to its victims. You can look of the war crime trials from the Bosnia conflict to read testimony of effect on those tortured in this way. This trauma is far more severe than rape. Women have the right to defend themselves, but there are effective methods that do not include torture and permanently disabling the attacker. Small pepper spray canisters can be attached to the key chain, bones of the foot, and clavicles are very easy to break and cause immobilizing pain, without long term psychological impact. A kick of punch to the testicles can also be integrated; it may crush a testicle, but likely will just cause immense stunning pain, to help you escape. Torture also dehumanizes the individuals who administer it, and you have to live with having done this to another human being. This act will not stop this attacker’s violence toward women. Research shows that genital trauma in males, increases physical and sexual aggressive behavior. You may escape, but someone else may suffer even worse because of it, maybe my wife or daughter.